• 2 Things You Can Do to Get Better Reviews on Your Rental Property

    If you have purchased a vacation home that you will be renting out, you are probably hoping to make a great deal of money on your investment. Nevertheless, it is difficult to make money if guests are repeatedly displeased with their stay. A poor review from a guest concerning his or her stay on your property can scare off future renters. Thus, it's important to keep your rental guests as happy as possible.
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  • Four Ways To Increase Your Chances Of A Free Upgrade When Staying In A Hotel

    Are you tired of hearing about other people getting upgraded to the executive or honeymoon suite and wishing you could do the same? There's never a guarantee of an upgrade when you stay at a hotel, but there are some actions you can take to increase your chances of being bumped up to a better room or suite. Book directly with the hotel Instead of booking through a travel site, call up the hotel that you wish to stay in and book directly over the phone.
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