2 Things You Can Do to Get Better Reviews on Your Rental Property

Posted on: 17 October 2016

If you have purchased a vacation home that you will be renting out, you are probably hoping to make a great deal of money on your investment. Nevertheless, it is difficult to make money if guests are repeatedly displeased with their stay. A poor review from a guest concerning his or her stay on your property can scare off future renters. Thus, it's important to keep your rental guests as happy as possible. Here are a couple measures you can take to improve your chances of getting great reviews for your property:

Make sure that the rental property is spotless.

No one likes to sleep in dirty accommodations. Even if your property is a personal home, it should be at least as clean as a nice hotel room. There should be no dust in the corners or mildew on the grout in your restrooms. In fact, the property should look as though no other guests have stayed there before. 

That level of cleanliness may sound difficult to achieve, but, without it, your property reviews are likely to suffer. To ensure that your property stays in great shape for every incoming guest, be sure to speak to your property management about hiring detailed after-stay cleaning professionals. Most people who clean rental properties for a living know the importance of removing signs of prior human occupancy, such as strands of hair on the bathroom floor. Additionally, they use top-notch fragrances to keep your property smelling fresh and clean. 

Choose your decor wisely.

Although you may have already spent a hefty sum to purchase your property, you will also need to invest in the furnishings and decor. Initially, you may consider the decor unimportant. After all, a renter stays at a beach property for the beach, right?

The location of your property is important but so is the ambiance of the interior space. Run down furnishings or decor that does not match can make your guests feel that their lodging is second-class. 

Try to have a specific theme for the rental property and incorporate local collectibles, such as sea shells. The decorations do not have to be overly expensive, but they should match the style and location of the property. Additionally, every piece of furniture should be in almost-new condition.

For more tips to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay at your vacation rental property, schedule a consultation with a property management company like JP By The Sea for vacation rentals.


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