Four Ways To Increase Your Chances Of A Free Upgrade When Staying In A Hotel

Posted on: 4 March 2016

Are you tired of hearing about other people getting upgraded to the executive or honeymoon suite and wishing you could do the same? There's never a guarantee of an upgrade when you stay at a hotel, but there are some actions you can take to increase your chances of being bumped up to a better room or suite.

Book directly with the hotel

Instead of booking through a travel site, call up the hotel that you wish to stay in and book directly over the phone. Not only is this easier on the hotel (dealing with third-party booking sites is not always easy for hotel staff), but it also makes the experience more personalized. A customer who calls the hotel directly is essentially saying they care about interacting with the business and want a personalized touch. It's no guarantee of an upgrade, but it there's a better room available, the hotel is more likely to give it to someone who booked directly than to someone who booked through a third-party site.

Be polite and charming

No matter how exhausted you are when you finally make it to your hotel, do your best to smile and be pleasant to the front desk operator. He or she is more likely to do you a favor and upgrade you to a better room if you come off as pleasant and agreeable. Say "please" and "thank you." If you have questions for the hotel staff while checking in, ask them in a clear and concise manner. It does not hurt to look neat and polished, either. Tidy your hair (and makeup if you wear it) before going into the hotel. While most people won't admit that they judge others based on looks, if you're tidy and neat, you'll make a better impression -- and that's important if you're hoping for an upgrade.

Arrive early

Of course, this is not always possible, depending on your travel plans. However, if there is flexibility in your schedule, make sure you arrive as close to the beginning of check-in time as possible. Otherwise, any upgrades that are available may be given to other guests before you arrive.

Always ask

If you don't make it known that you're interested in an upgrade, you're not as likely to get one. If you're checking in and there has not been mention of an upgrade yet, politely ask, "You don't happen to have any free upgrades available today, do you?" The worst they can say is "no." The best that can happen is that the front desk employee decides to give you an upgrade simply because you asked politely. Hotel staff are not always treated respectfully by guests, so by being kind and polite in your requests, you can easily "get on their good side."


Make Your Stay More Pleasant For Everyone

You might think a lot about how you feel about your hotel stay, but have you thought about how your stay affects other people? If you are traveling with children or pets, your stay could severely impact the guests around you. I have been traveling for my job for the last twenty years, and I could tell you horror stories about loud families and pets that weren't house trained. I want to make your next hotel stay pleasant for you and for everyone else, which is why I made this blog. When you are on the road, try to stay mindful of those around you, so that everyone can have a great time.


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