Learn How To Let Your Wedding Party Know You Really Appreciate Them

Posted on: 19 November 2015

When planning a wedding, one of the most important groups to take into consideration is your wedding party. You want to be sure that everyone is going to be able to get ready before the wedding and has a place to stay afterwards so that they do not have to drive after they have been drinking. Learn a few tips for ensuring your wedding party knows how much they mean to you on your big day.

Book a Block of Rooms

If you book many rooms at the same time, some hotels will actually give you a discount on the overall cost of the room rentals. You want to be sure that you book rooms all on the same floor so that you and your wedding party will be able to hang out together before and after the ceremony and reception. Some hotels will allow your party to check in a little bit earlier than they usually do if you let them know about your wedding because they understand everyone needs time to get ready.

Create a Thank You Basket

You want to be sure that everyone has what they need for the ceremony. Creating a thank you basket that has odds and ends in it that the wedding party might need can show them how much you appreciate them being in the wedding and that they are ready when the time arrives. Safety pins, hair spray, stain remover, and an extra pair of pantyhose are all great items to include in the basket. Also, be sure that a bottle of wine is in the basket for the couple staying in the room to enjoy when they are on their own.

Order Plenty of Food

After the wedding and reception have finished, order pizzas or other food to be delivered to the wing of the hotel where you will all be staying. Anyone who has been drinking heavily throughout the night will appreciate being able to have something to eat and you and your new spouse will more than likely be hungry since you will have probably spent a majority of your ceremony walking around thanking people for coming rather than sitting down and eating every bite of your food.

Be sure that you let all of your wedding party to know that you have reserved rooms for them. Let them know the exact time of check in so that they can have time to relax before they have to start getting ready for the wedding.

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